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Drink and Doodle - What is it and why?

Want to know a bit more about this event and what to expect?

Look no further, you are in the right place.........

The motivation behind the Drink and Doodle is pretty simple, to actually get people to make the most of their social time. Its so common that we we sit next to another person and spend our time scrolling through our phones instead of making conversation and meaningful connection with a real life human. This also presents the chance to put your brain into neutral after a stressful day, have a play around with art stuff in a laid back environment and most of all relax! I believe making art is good for you, but it doesn't have to be complicated. Being creative also utilises different parts of our brain which may not be used as regularly as others. This can help with creative thinking and problem solving in other areas of their lives. A regular art practice can be beneficial anybody in different stages in their lives and career. It can help focus and concentration, reduce stress levels and enable individuals to take time out to focus on something important to them.

With all the above in mind - for three hours each month I take over the back room of The Paul Pry pub in Worcester city centre. I lay out shiny colourful and inspiring art materials and paper (some colouring pages are included for those who require slightly more guidance) and you are good to go! There is usually some 3D materials available including Plasticine, we've even made things out of clay before now, filled our own baubles at Christmas and decorated wooden key rings for valentines! Over time we built up quite a menagerie of Plasticine characters on the piano in the pub and some interesting facial hair on some of the artwork on the wall. Some people also bring their own art stuff, continue with work based commissions, one couple even came on a date and drew each other (which was super cute). There is no previous artistic experience or ability required, just a willingness to give things a try. You can come alone and join a table if you wish or come in a group its entirely up to you. This is a free, over 18's event which happens monthly and is usually a great mix of students, creatives and like minded individuals doing something fun and positive with their evening.

If you fancy coming along then we'd love to see you - the next Drink and Doodle date will be listed on our events page. Don't forget to share this with you friends and let them know what its all about. You can follow our Facebook page for up to date info and notifications as well as a whole album of the creative happenings at our Drink and Doodle events :)

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