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Easter Bank Holiday - Scratch off Easter egg activity to do at home :)

Follow our step by step guide to make your very own scratch off Easter egg with no kits required.

What you will need is:

  • Scissors

  • Paper or card (preferably white)

  • A pencil

  • Oil Pastels

  • Coloured paint (we used black for maximum contrast)

  • Washing up liquid (only a squirt)

  • A scratching tool (you can use a blunt pencil, the wrong end of a paintbrush or a lollypop stick cut to a point)

  • Optional - paper towels

Step One

Draw your egg shape onto your paper or card with your pencil

Step Two

Fill your egg shape with colours as bright as possible edge to edge covering all the white paper underneath.

Tip: try and avoid using the same colour as your chosen paint for the top layer - you will see why later on.

Step Three

Mix your paint in a tub with 1/3 washing up liquid and paint a layer over the top of your brightly coloured egg shape on your page. It should cover the colour completely (don't worry about messy edges we are cutting it out at the end), don't use too much paint or when you draw the lines it will flood over it again and dissapear.

Step Four

Draw into your painted layer with your scratch tool of choice whilst the paint is still a bit wet. If you have a lollipop stick you can use your sharp scissors to cut this into a point and act as a pencil. If you don't like what you drew, then just paint over it! Chip forks are great for this of any other disposable cutlery you might have lying around. Add all of your lines and patterns into your design before it dries.

Tip: As you are drawing your pattern or design, use a paper towel or a scrap piece of paper to keep the tip of your scratching tool clean so that it keeps working and doesn't get all covered up. Then the lines are harder to draw.

Step Five

When your egg is dry add some beautiful sequins, glitter or sticky material pieces on and cut out and there you have it! a Beautiful, no chocolate Easter activity for all ages (and when its not Easter, it doesn't have to be egg shaped). You can punch holes in the top and hang them up or stick them on your fridge.

We hope you've enjoyed our activities today and it adds some joy to your long weekend staying in and making things together. Don’t forget you can share your fabulous creations with us on all our social media platforms if you're pleased with what you have made @CreatingSpaceSessions on Facebook and Instagram as well as find us on Pintrest.

Make sure you are subscribed to the website for blog updates and more simple activity challenges and prompts coming your way very soon.

Stay safe and well


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