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Meet Charlotte! Our New groups co-host for our remote sessions :)

Here's another intro post to let you know a bit more about what happens in the background here at Creating Space. We want to introduce you to another important member of the team Charlotte. Charlotte joined us in 2021 as a co-host to help out with the background work of our remote groups. This is so important! It means there's always somebody who's chat box is open and keeping an eye on the waiting room whilst others are getting busy creating. Charlottes been a great asset to the sessions so far (some of you may have even met her already!) and she's written a small bio below so you get to know a bit more about her :)

"Hello readers! I am Charlotte and I am excited to be on board with Claire and ‘Creating Space. I will be co-hosting the Wellbeing Studio sessions over the coming weeks, ensuring

the background of Claire’s sessions run smoothly while she is busy running the show!

I am a Trainee Art Therapist (extremely excited to qualify this summer!!) with experience working in addiction recovery and forensic mental health services. I am practiced in group and 1:1 work, both virtually and face to face. I am also a specialist carer, with a long working history supporting children and adults with physical disabilities, learning disabilities, mental health diagnosis, crisis recovery and palliative care.

My passions are painting, music, makeup artistry and Drag performance. I played in a Jazz Band and performed in famous venues in the UK like The Cavern Club, the NIA and NEC. I like to incorporate makeup and wigs in my private practice to explore ideas around gender and identity. "

We're really pleased to have Charlotte on board to be able to support some of the great work we are doing at the moment with NHS staff as well as the Wellbeing Studio.

Don't forget If you want any more information about the Wellbeing Studio and booking your place then our forms go live on 2nd of March (more info and terms and conditions can be found here and you can call Amanda on 07759 221022 to answer any questions or queries you may have. You can find her intro post here too!

We have some new and great plans in the pipeline for creative activities this year and will be posting some more activities for home creativity in lockdown really soon. Don't forget to look back at our previous posts and challenges as well as sending them to a friend if you think they'd enjoy some creative time.

Take care and stay safe,


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