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Sharing the love - Colouring and activity freebies for self-isolation

It's a strange time.

Something about managing the anxiety of the world around us and the things we can't control, whilst trying to take control of what we can affect in a positive way. Covid 19 has prompted me to feel and do many things, one of which being dust off my keyboard and write blog posts again. Today has been the first official day when pubs bars and restaurants have been closed and people really have been asked to look at what they NEED to do, and their personal responsibilities towards others. Even if people are seemingly 'well' and exhibiting no symptoms social distance is being advised, and for some that means being alone with your own thoughts, for others their loved ones and kids in the same house. Both of these scenarios (and all the others in-between) present their own challenges and complexities.

So what can we do? Some are already isolating themselves due to feeling unwell and actively combating symptoms, others have been self-isolating for some time through anxiety as front line services are forced to temporarily close in the community. I think its fair to say we are all going to find ourselves with more downtime than its possible we have been used to before.

One thing I have noticed today (which has filled me with joy! and faith in the world), is many people are releasing FREE colouring pages and activity packs for people to use for kids and adults alike. As the school are set to stay shut next week, many are looking at restlessness somewhere down the line (their own or those around them).

This post is where I will be bringing together free resources I have seen or found (not sponsored) but things I have personally looked at and feel worthwhile passing on for those who may need it. Feel free to add your own to the list and hopefully this resource can grow and support more and more people over time. Creative activities at this stressful time tick many boxes from meditative and relaxing properties to education or even distraction. Have a look at the links below and see if any of these might be useful, and let me know what you think :)



The first thing I came cross last week was this adorable childrens pdf of how to explain Corona Virus to children and young people. This is FREE to download (and available in many languages) and includes activity pages and colouring in too! You can access the downloads at MindHeart.

Another resource I have used for a while which I am sure will be even more useful that ever before now people are considering home schooling is If you sign up to their newsletter, you will get a password to access a whole wealth of printables and downloads. Subjects include: thinking about feelings and emotions, as well as positive message colouring pages and mandala templates.


Jen Aranyi is a brilliantly talented illustrator who's work I have followed for a while (I would also recommend her watercolour videos as a satisfying watch if you are looking for a visual feast) she had released some FREE colouring pages on her website today including camping skies and my personal favourite crystals ---------> check these out here

My favourite thing I have received today is a free downloadable pdf from Adam JK which is 42 activity pages of things to think about, complete and interact with. Reminds me of the wreck this journal series if that is something you are familiar with. Sign up and receive your download link here.

Alix DeMitchell has produced both Kids and Adult colouring pages in her shop which are able to download and print for FREE. I'm a big fan of the mythical kittens and the Easter pages will be great for kids to get stuck into after their chocolates.

I will add to this over time, feel free to comment and let me know your favourite and I might add them to the list :)

Take care, be kind and stay safe


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