Art Therapy and Creative Sessions


Creating Space offers making spaces and Art Therapy in the community and remotely in your own home. Spaces are facilitated by a registered and qualified Art Therapist. 

Whether you have something creative you would like to

learn or explore, or a significant aspect of your life you would

like to share and be supported with - you are in the right place....


Adult Art Therapy Sessions

Learn about yourself

Sometimes the things that are really hard to talk about are the things that are most important to express and process, giving them the space they need to be heard in a different way. Things can grow and impact in the rest of our life when we really don't want them too and damage future relationships and prospects. Maybe you aren't quite sure whats wrong but you know somethings not right? Have tried counselling before but it didn't quite do what you wanted it to do. Art Therapy is a type of talking therapy where art materials are provided and can be used as another form of self-expression. No previous artistic experience required. For more information and to book an initial meeting click here. We are based in Worcester (UK) and are currently offering telephone or Zoom appointments. 

Remote Art Workshops and Groups.....

People need a space of their own to dream, to explore and create. To inspire and to be inspired. At Creating Space, we understand this well, which is why we are continue to provide guidance and support online into your own house!


We recognise the importance of being creative. Our community serves as a support system for individuals to experience a safe and non-judgemental place where their creativity can flow freely. We are dedicated to our participants and support their creative growth by sharing our experience and time to support expression and create masterpieces with whatever you have to hand. There is no previous artistic ability or experience needed, just a commitment to engage in the creative process. 

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Creating Space strives to foster imagination and creativity by supporting your natural skills and interests. There is no right or wrong, success or failure. We all learn and work together. You can check out our blog for ideas of ways you can get creative at home as well as videos and tutorials on our Youtube channel.


We began our freelance adventure in 2017, and how have a background of over 10 years in arts in health, our practitioners are here to support you all the way.

'Every human being is an Artist'

Joseph Beuys

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