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Creating Space - Art Therapy 
Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between Art Therapy and Art Psychotherapy?


These two titles are interchangeable. Art Psychotherapy and Art Therapy are the same approach and an Art Therapist and an Art Psychotherapist are the same qualification. 


What is Art Therapy?

Hopefully our page here answers this for you in more detail - but if you still have more questions please get in touch. 

How long does it take?

This will depend on what your goals are and what it is you wanted to explore. This can range from a few weeks to years dependable on what is needed. This is all an ongoing discussion/agreement with your therapist and would be discussed early in in your sessions so you have a clear understanding. Your sessions would usually be weekly and around 50-60minutes.

Who do you work with? Is it just for children?

Nope. Art Therapy is open to anyone. Its a great way of exploring something that's hard to put into words.  We have worked with adults and young people with a range of challenges such as ASD, mental health diagnosis in the community, survivors or sexual abuse, individuals struggling with their family relationships or going through a significant life event such as divorce, anxiety, self-harm and all the emotions that come along with this. 


Do you have to be good at art?

No previous experience of art making is needed. In the context of therapy we are interested more in the process than the outcome - so the focus won't be on making something that looks like something specific. All we ask is that you are open to giving things a go and seeing what happens. The hardest part is being able to sit with the things that come up and deal with the uncertainty that comes with sitting in front of a new piece of paper. We can also talk in metaphors and share dream imagery to use visual prompts in a different way. Its okay if you don't find the artmaking to be comfortable right away - and you don't have to make any at all (but the materials will be there if you want them). 

Do I need to talk about things that I find really scary and hard to talk about?

The great thing about working with images is that some of this can be done in a different way which takes the pressure off! Your therapist will support you to work at your own pace and we will only work on things that come into the room either through your wanting to bring them or making themselves known in the images. 

What happens when I get in touch?

If you just want to talk about your options and ask some questions then complete a contact form and we will get in touch for a no-obligation discussion (30 mins). We would then move forward with some initial sessions if you wanted to explore this (which we call an assessment), this just means deciding what we want to work on and if we are the right team to do that together. This includes our therapeutic contract so you know what to expect and you can see the space and get a feel for the setting. We both need to decide the fit and timing is right to begin therapy and this can take more than one session. 

What does it cost?

Our standard costs are £40 for an assessment session and £60 for a Art Therapy sessions. These are usually 45-55 minutes long. We are able to operate on a sliding scale basis for those who need it based on what you can afford. This would need to be agreed ahead of time with your therapist. 

Do I have to physically go there?

We offer a blended service of face to face (if possible) and remote sessions can also be utilised if needed to fill gaps if you feel less confident or experience any barriers to attending. If you live outside of Worcestershire we can also work exclusively online if you would prefer to do so. A kit of art materials can be supplied if needed. 

Got a question we didn't answer? Get in touch and we will answer it for you. 


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