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Art Therapy is a type of talking therapy where the option of verbalising feelings and experiences can be supported and explored through art making. It can be used to help individuals to explore their own experiences and feelings in greater depth, sometimes in groups or on a 1:1 basis. Art materials are provided and used within the space to explore complex emotions and gain understanding and insight. This method can also be useful to address significant trauma or unexplained physical ailments which have not been resolved using other approaches. The key aspects of the therapy are the relationship with the therapist and the art created within the sessions. These are the key focus, using the art as another method of communication. No previous artistic experience is required. This method can be especially useful with things that can be difficult to verbalise or discuss openly. An initial consultation meeting will be needed before committing to ongoing sessions.

Individual therapy sessions are an hour long and take place on a regular basis (usually weekly). Every session would take place at the same time and location for consistency. Each individual will have an initial assessment meeting with a therapist, consenting and committing to a course of sessions (usually 6-8 weeks initially). All things discussed and made within these sessions will be treated confidentially. To arrange for someone to give you an initial phone call about Art Therapy please text - ‘Call me about Art Therapy’ for a free 30 minute discussion about whether this may be a suitable option for you.  

Fees: The fee for individual therapy starts at £30 per session (for block bookings only), a charge will also apply for the initial assessment meeting which may be up to an hour and a half. These can be booked through the booking page and a deposit will need to be paid so secure slot.    

For more general information about Art Therapy please visit (British Association of Art Therapists). All our practitioners are registered with Health Care Professionals Council (HCPC) and British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT) and adhere to strict protocols of professional standards and ethics.  


Therapy space

Our City Centre Therapy Room is easily accessible via public transport and based in a welcoming and secure community venue. Easily walking distance from Worcester Foregate Street Station and the bus station as well as parking close by (no allocated parking is available). 

To book an appointment or look at the possibility of Therapy please get in touch using the button below. 

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