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Creative Prompt - Mandalas (not as tricky as you might think)

What do you think of when you hear the word Mandala? Are you bored of it and does it feel a bit like a buzzword these days for intricate fine lines that seem to be quite precise and intimidating? Well fear not! Mandalas are great because YOUR Mandala is exactly how you want to make it (it doesn't even have to be symmetrical).

Stage one - patterns.

If you wanted to do a mandala in a traditional way then think about in in the way you would think about a repeating pattern. Something like this video is brilliant because you are practising your repeating patterns and basic shapes just on a straight line instead of on a curve.

I've made some worksheets here that you can print out and use alongside.

Creating Space Mandala Patterns Sheet
Download PD • 130KB

The second file is a blank version to add in your own designs.

Creating Space Repeat Practice Sheet Bla
Download • 105KB

Stage two - Structure.

These patterns can then be transferred to lines in a circle. If you find yourself some items around your house that are different sized circles and make yourself a target shape. You could use a large plate, a bowl, some Sellotape and a mug for your circles (or a compass if you prefer) and then you can start drawing your patterns along those lines.

They can be really big, or fairly small and you can add more rows in-between if you want or freestyle shapes and lines in-between.

Tip: These designs don't HAVE to be symmetrical. Go with the flow (it's yours after all) you can do it however you like.

If you would like some free templates for your mandalas then sign up to Kitchen Table Classroom who has some great resources in their free library which you can print at home to add some structure to your design.

Share your work with us on our social media platforms @CreatingSpaceSessions on Facebook and Instagram and @SpaceSessions on Twitter

Take care and be kind to yourself


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