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Derby Museums - #UKCCF 2021

You may have seen on Twitter today that we are really pleased to have been selected to taking part in the 2021 Cohort for the Derby Museums Creative Community Fellows programme this year! You can see the full cohort list here.

"Celebrating its second year, the Fellowship is a learning and collaboration experience for individuals using the power of arts and culture to drive transformational change in communities throughout the UK.

UK Creative Community Fellows programme fees are underwritten with support from Arts Council England and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (UK Branch) Foundation. At the programme’s conclusion, Fellows will join a network of nearly 200 leaders from NAS’ Creative Community Fellows programme, sharing resources and collaborating to build positive change in our world."*

This will be a great opportunity to grow our knowledge and strengthen our delivery and community offer through learning from others around the UK. The focus of this fellowship work will be the 'freelance' and project funded side of the Creating Space model working through charities and in the community when the work is at its most important.

At a time when working in these sectors is at its most challenging for practitioners, this will be a welcome opportunity for reflection and forward planning of service delivery into the future.

You can follow our journey - or catch up with the rest of the cohort using the hashtag #UKCCF via our social media or our blog posts. You can find more about what this fellowship is about here.

*Quoted text taken from

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