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'Perspectives of lockdown' - a series of artworks #CreativeConnections

Updated: May 27, 2020

Most of you will know by now the concept of our Creating Space 'Creativity Chain and Virtual exhibition' supported by a grant from Severn Arts and Worcester County Council. The underpinning ethos of our concept is promoting creativity, sharing artwork and connecting people through our creative work.

As a start to our 'Creativity Chain' Claire has created 7 pieces of artwork as starting points to be passed on to people as a call to action to ask them to make something creative too and pass that on. Her pieces are inspired (inevitably) by the restrictions that we face in our lives at this point and reflections of some of the perspectives and events that can be a part of this. These mixed media pieces are original artworks of A6 size and guide us through some of the aspects of lock down from the artists point of view. Below Claire talks you through each piece and some background of the inspiration behind the image.


#1 Mindful

This piece brought to mind the grounding and mindfulness approaches that we are encouraged to use to encourage calm and be able to focus. I like the action of just watching as well as the implication of stillness. Breathing or deep breaths are often used as a way to calm ourselves and focus on the here and now sensation of where we stand. The ground beneath our feet and the air around us, how it moves and how it feels. These mindfulness techniques are often routed in using our senses as a way of feeling connected to the world in that particular moment.

#2 Material Things

This piece recognises the shift in our existence as human beings. The shift away from gain and material possessions as shopping and priorities shift. I have found going to a supermarket or food shop has been stress-full and any significant joy from shopping has been taken away and replaced with anxiety and fear. It is however interesting if we take time to reflect on how much we actually need and what we have actually missed in our lives.

#3 Moment of Curiosity

I have found much joy and holding within my creative practice. Being creative has always been important to me and can be a sort of escape from what is going on around us sometimes. Many hours lost, but have lots to give back and I hope that others at home have also found some motivation and time for creative outlets.

Linking in with the mindfulness aspect too, there's something very satisfying about mark making at the moment with thick and bold movements where the paint sometimes tried to defy instruction. An exercise in going with the flow perhaps.

#4 Fear Of Missing Out' or 'FOMO'

This piece is a reflection of the fact that we are all forced to stay home and do less than we would normally like and actually, how knowing everyone also had to do the same made staying in easier. I have no guilt that I 'should' go to this event or 'said I would' do something and have much more control over my time. It is also the case that time staying in no longer needs to be justified as resting time or taking space for yourself. It just is and is where others find themselves too.

#5 Forget Me Not

This piece is a reflection on the fact that we are living through history. A time which we are repeatedly told is unprecidented. A situation which those before us have never experienced and is fairly unique in what it asks of us and the circumstances we find ourselves in. As such its OK that we don't know how to respond or react. we are all learning together and I'm sure its a situation and circumstance we will never forget.

#6 Privacy

This is a personal recognition really of how I have at times really valued the space I have gained through this pandemic. Whilst wishing to acknowledge the fact that every-bodies response will be a personal one and is equally valid, I have been grateful that I have had the opportunity to be able to continue working for myself at home. This is of course not an ideal scenario by any means and has also pushed through some professional growth which has at times felt awkward learning new technology and new ways of working to move forward and how soon those new ways of working become ingrained and present their own challenges.

#7 Sequinned Shoes

This for me was about the challenge of presenting yourself to a new world in a new way and really asking yourself who do you do things for? I have been really inspired by the concept of 'Fancy Friday' where people get all dressed up to stay in or do something routine like take out the bins! But everyone I am sure at some point has picked themselves up and put on a face of makeup for no-one but themselves and felt the benefits.

These pieces serve as a reflective account of the time we are living in from the artists point of view and are by no means designed to be an exhaustive list but have been a useful reflective tool for how things have been received and processed during this time. If this inspires you to make your own then go for it and don't forget these 7 pieces have been distributed to people as an invitation to get creative and share some self expression with someone else. These 7 pieces are now up and form the start of our #CreativeConnections gallery page. This will be added to as and when submissions are received so make sure you check back to see how our 'Creativity Chain' unfolds.

Take care and stay safe.


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