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Individuals OR Teams

What does this mean?

Supervision in this case is a space for creative practitioners who are involved in delivering mental health initiatives and spaces - a place to breathe.  We get together at a set time on a regularly arranged slot to talk about the project, this will include aspects of wellbeing, thinking about the delivery and engagement in an evaluative and progressive way. The aim of this space is to support those working on it to reflect and continually evaluate for improvements and safety.  We may think together about reducing aspects of risk, or discuss new concepts for session directives. Sometimes we may think about signpost to other services where you are unable to offer a more clinical approach which somebody may need from a different service. 

I am able to bring a decades worth of experience both in mental health but also across statutory and community based service as well as a wealth of experience in trauma informed practice and practitioner self-care. Spaces where we are continuously looking out for others wellbeing can be draining and hard to manage at times. In my career as a clinical practitioner, a clinical supervision space is a compulsory aspect of our work - but as community working creative facilitators this is not a compulsory space that everybody has access too. I have understood first hand how important the supervisory support and guidance has been to my community delivery and I would like to extend the same opportunity to others to bolster their practice and support their delivery and growth. 

If you would like to read more about supervision I have a piece on my blog about why its important HERE

To arrange a free, no obligation 30 minute phone call to think about your supervisory needs,  please get in touch. 

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" It made a positive difference to me to know that I was supported in my role and that there
was somewhere I could go to discuss any issues that arose. I felt safe in the sessions,
knowing that what I shared would be treated in confidence, and that I would be listened to
and not judged. The benefits of the supervision were a mix of practical advice, reassurance
and being listened to. Having this protected time for reflection has also helped ensure that
the lead artist and myself are checking in with each other and reflecting together on the
programme." Project Manager Feedback  (Nov 2023)

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